Services - What We Offer

  • Computer Service in Auckland:Computer service is done in terms of both hardware and software to give you a smooth browsing, gaming and viewing experience. If you notice that your computer has become slow or freezes when multiple apps are running, know that it's time to get it serviced.
    GeekForce provides on-site computer service which includes:           
        Fixing software and hardware issues that may be pulling down the system's                           performance. 
        . In case there's a part that needs to be replaced, we'll explain why it is important                   in the first place and will proceed only if you want us to.

            Why computer service is important?
            Internet is a modern-day's convenience with certain downsides to it. Internet users              often encounter virus and spyware issues, which may be hard to get rid of.  If you                let such issues linger in there, you are highly likely to bear expensive repairs down              the road.
            Through regular service, GeekForce will help you keep your computer in good                        shape  and consistently performing at its peak potential.
  • Laptop Repair Service in Auckland:Digital industry is moved by computers. A small glitch or breakdown means productivity losses. If your laptop breaks down today, you do not have to wait until tomorrow to have it fixed. GeekForce understands your world where you need a functional laptop at all times, and so we come to your avail at the earliest.
    Facing a problem with your laptop which is beyond DIY troubleshooting? Give us a call anytime to have it fixed in a snap.