COVID-19 Revised Computer repair and Support Services during the lockdown

Option 1: No-Contact Remote Support -$25 per fault

We are still able to assist you remotely if your are having computer issues. If you are able to access the internet from your Windows device and then we can try to resolve the issue. With your permission, we can connect to your computer via the internet and try to resolve the problem. 

Option 2: No-Contact Pick up and delivery.

If Option 1 is not successful or If Windows or Mac is not starting up, we can offer an off-site repair.  Adhering to  the COVID-19 rules, you can leave the device at your doorstep and we can pick up and drop off at an agreed time. Please note, if replacement parts are required, the repairs can take a longer than usual due to the restrictions in place. If your device is not receiving power then we are unable help you during the isolation period. However, please write to us with a detailed description of the problem and we will try to help you out during these difficult times. Stay safe

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